About Catherine

Catherine Lofton-Fraser, L.Ac.

Catherine is a New York State licensed Acupuncturist. She is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York where she received four years of training earning her a Master’s degree in Acupuncture.  While attending PCOM, Catherine had over 300 clinical hours and participated in numerous outreach programs in the community.  Catherine is trained in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture RenewalTM.  In addition, she is a Level 3 practitioner of Sujok Acupuncture (Korean hand/feet acupuncture) created by Dr. Professor Park Jae Woo, receiving her training from mentor practitioner Ken Andes and Dr. Sankar Mohanaselvan, D.Ac. of the Sujok Academy of Acupuncture in Chennai, India. Catherine continues a life- long endeavor to embrace as many approaches to healing as possible; participating in various modality workshops to keep growing as a practitioner.


Catherine believes the body is akin to the environment, when the environment is in balance it runs smoothly… as does the human body.  In nature, beings transform and adapt to the changes in their environment without harm. Our modern lives keep us from transforming in a healthy way, so illness pursues. With proper diet, exercise and balancing our bodies, the natural flow of life could exist, while our bodies remain in harmony.  Catherine’s gentle approach to healing incorporates every aspect of a person’s life allowing the body to heal itself.

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