What Other People Are Saying

“Catherine has such a gentle approach as a practitioner. She treated a pinched nerve in my neck by applying acupressure to my hand and relieved it in one treatment.  On another occasion she used acupuncture to boost my immune system when I was at the beginning of a sore throat and cold, my symptoms were gone that day.  I have had several acupuncture treatments from her for pain from stenosis in my cervical and lumbar spine, which relieved pain and improved my range of motion. The back and spinal problems have responded better with multiple treatments over time, just as she predicted they would. She also uses various pressure massage techniques that are extremely helpful for back pain and brings relief quickly. My back thanked me for it.   She inspires trust and you are aware that her heart is in her gifted hands. What a gem!”




“I was somewhat apprehensive about getting acupuncture, needles etc… From the first treatment, Catherine’s manner immediately put me at ease and I felt no discomfort whatsoever.  The relief I felt from my aching shoulder was phenomenal!  The results were better than any pill on the market. I am converted!”


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